Elastic Trusses

Hernia Products offers a full selection of hernia trusses by the most trusted brands in hernia pain relief.

Hernias and Hernia Support Resources

Hernia and Hernia Support Resources

Elastic Trusses are considered moderate to firm hernia support.  The term “elastic” is a bit misleading when used to identify this type of hernia support.  Although the word elastic is used in the description of this product, the belts themselves do not have any “give”.

The belt is constructed out of materials containing elastic, however it is tightly woven to create the sturdy belt used to wrap around the torso in these hernia trusses. We carry the full line of hernia belts and hernia trusses from Surgical Appliance Industries, the maker of Truform Hernia Products. A family business through 5 generations and headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio, SAI, is a trusted name in the industry and as a 2nd generation family business ourselves, SAI is a company we respect and proudly partner with to provide hernia relief to thousands of people suffering with hernias.

All hernia relief is dependent on identifying the hernia product that best suits your needs; specifically, support level.

Hernia Products offers a full selection of elastic trusses and other hernia support products by the most trusted brands in hernia pain relief.

Not sure which product you need?

Use Hernia Products’ HERNIA GUIDE or call one of our Hernia Relief Product Specialists at (866) 976-8073 to find the right product for you.

View our Complete Guide to Hernias, for additional information on hernias, hernia prevention and hernia product selection.

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