Hernia Belts

Hernia belts offer pain relief from abdominal, inguinal and umbilical hernias without surgery. Commonly used for hernia pain management, some hernia belts can also be used in post-surgical recovery.

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What is a Hernia Belt?

Hernia belts are non-surgical pain-management devices used to provide comfort for various abdominal and groin hernias. Hernia belts provide pain relief by applying consistent and even pressure to the area affected by the hernia.

Hernia belts feature:

  • A fastening band around the abdomen, waist or hips
  • Padded placements for hernia support and comfort
  • An adjustable band and pads

The uses of hernia belts are not only restricted to use for hernias. Some hernia belts, such as abdominal binders can be used to aid in post-surgical recovery.

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How to Apply a Hernia Belt