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Hernia Products offers a full selection of hernia belts by the most trusted brands in hernia pain relief.

Hernias and Hernia Support Resources

Hernia and Hernia Support Resources

Hernia belts are an effective method of non-surgically relieving hernia pain. Hernia belts apply consistent pressure to a hernia protrusion to increase comfort and aid in pain management. Hernia belts are recommended for:

  • Inguinal/Groin Hernias: the most common type of hernia among men, that occurs in the groin area, on either side of the pubic bone
  • Femoral Hernias: a hernia near the groin area, in the upper part of the thigh; typically among men
  • Umbilical Hernias: an abdominal hernia near the belly button, common among children and overweight adults
  • Hiatal Hernias: an abdominal hernia that occurs when a portion of the stomach begins to bulge into the diaphragm; caused by weakened abdominal muscles, common among obese individuals and those over 50
  • Incisional Hernias: an abdominal hernia that affects areas have previously had surgical incisions
  • Scrotal Hernias (Hydroceles): a type of inguinal/groin hernia that occurs when the intestine drops into the scrotum; caused by swelling or an injury to the scrotal area

There are many types of hernia supports, such as: hernia briefs, underwear, and trusses. All hernia support products function the same, but relief is dependent on identifying the hernia product that best suits the needs of your hernia type and level of support.

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