Spring Trusses

Spring Trusses are best for moderate to maximum support.

A spring truss is a specific type of truss for hernia relief. The function of a truss is to maintain a hernia in complete reduction.  A truss puts inward pressure at the point of the hernia which is equal to the downward, outward pressure of the herniated organ itself.

There are two basic types of trusses:

  • Elastic Trusses
  • Spring Trusses

The difference between a spring truss and an elastic truss is a steel spring. A spring truss gives maximum support because of the pressure that the steel spring places over the hernia.  Spring Trusses can be adjusted for a truly custom fit.  The holding pressure can be increased or decreased by regulating the tension of the spring. Since the spring is shaped to contour the body and since the tension has to be maintained on the spring to be effective, the truss, when off the body, will coil inward on itself, giving it a different shape than when it is being worn.

An elastic truss gives moderate to maximum support without the presence of a steel spring.

When wearing a spring or elastic truss it is important that the amount of pressure placed on the hernia is just enough to hold the hernia in.  Excessive pressure placed on the hernia can increase the size of the hernia opening.

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